A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Music, art, and coding (except for engine code) done in 48 hours by one person, for Ludum Dare 38 (Compo)

The Blocklings are on a distant planet, and they must journey from planet to planet until they reach home. You are their guide, placing blocks on each blocky world to guide these lovable but helpless creatures from the entrance portal to the exit portal. But be careful! Each planet is fraught with challenge and danger, and one wrongly placed block could cause your blocklings a fall to their death.

  • Three carefully rationed abilities at every stage:
    • Add and remove blocks to create bridges or remove obstacles
    • Placing special arrow block to direct the blocklings to safety
  • Increasingly difficult puzzles to solve
  • Sharp retro semi-isometric graphics
  • Fun voxel-based game structure
  • Soothing and enchanting music

Install instructions

Completely self-contained: Just download and run, no installation required!


blocklings.1.0.linux64 42 MB
blocklings.1.0.exe 33 MB
blocklings.1.0.app.zip 34 MB

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